We'll help heal your body.

Why Aquasport?

Physical Therapy

AquaSport Physical Therapy provides friendly, personalized care for the entire family.  Our goal is to help you alleviate your symptoms, restore normal function and teach you how to prevent future episodes of pain.  We want to get you back to the life that you want to live as rapidly as possible.  Whether recovering from an orthopedic surgery, work related injury, auto accident, or everyday aches and pains, our knowledgeable staff will create a program specific to your individual needs.  We are dedicated to providing one-on-one care using treatment techniques that make you an active participant in managing your injury.

In addition, we provide athletic training coverage for various schools in the area, summer camps and tournaments.  We assist at disabled sporting events and are available to speak at community events on a variety of sports and medical topics.

Why should you go to AquaSport Physical Therapy for your rehabilitation?

LOCATION - We have 2 convenient sites, with a pool and plenty of equipment to address your needs.

CONVENIENCE - We schedule all patients within 48 hours of their telephone call.  We have day and evening hours at both facilities.

INDIVIDUALITY - We are a privately owned facility where you are a person not a big corporate number.  Your care is individualized to meet your needs and is progressed in response to your tolerance.  Achieving maximal function as expeditiously as possible is our goal.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We want you to get better.  Your health matters to us….our reputation depends on it.  Our corporate meetings include discussions of the care that is rendered and the progress of our clients.

PROFESSIONALISM - All of your care is rendered by licensed professionals.  Our staff attend continuing education seminars to remain on the cutting edge of contemporary practice.  Our staff holds faculty appointments and participates in clinical research.

CONSISTENCY - We make every attempt to have each patient followed by the same licensed physical therapist so there is continuity to your care.

ASSURANCE - We take care of all of your insurance claims and we inform you of your financial responsibility.  We don’t like surprises either.  In this way, we all benefit.